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  1. High-Strength Low-Alloy Steels

    40 ksi). The chemical composition of a specific HSLA steel may vary for different product thicknesses to meet mechanical property requirements. The HSLA steels in sheet or plate form have low carbon content (0.05 to −0.25% C) in order to produce adequate formability and weldability, and they have manganese content up to 2.0%.

  2. BISPLATE® Technical Manual - Precision Oxycut

    Bisalloy® Technical Manual 9 of 90 22 September 2006 Rev 2. BISPLATE® 70 BISPLATE® 70 is a low carbon, low alloy, high strength structural steel. This grade can be welded with minimal preheat and has excellent low temperature fracture toughness suitable for structural applications. APPLICATIONS

  3. Introduction to Iron and Steel -

    Steel alloys Structural steel Reinforcing steel Mechanical testing of steel Steel corrosion Astec Industries Metals prices 3 Introduction to Iron and Steel A few definitions and general descriptions are in order Iron: Iron is an element and can be pure. Cast iron: Iron that contains about as much carbon as it can hold which is about 4%.

  4. High temperature steel -

    Creep-resistant ferritic steels continue to be the materials of choice for power plants, oil refineries and petrochemical plants worldwide. They are classified into CMn steels, Mo steels, low-alloy CrMo steels, and 9-12%Cr steels. Because of the large number of different steel grades, Table 1 includes only a few representatives typical of each ...

  5. Strenx® - High-performance structural steel - SSAB

    How to design with advanced high-strength steel for stronger, lighter and safer steel solutions. Think smart, and think ahead Because plates made from advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) are less thick but subjected to higher stress levels than conventional steels, the use of this steel places an increased focus on design.

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