sgcd2 prime electro galvanized steel sheet specification Related introduction

  1. Chromate-free, environment-friendly GALVANIZED

    sheet in 1998, and today all the galvanized steel sheets are chromate-free. The chromate-free steel sheet is environment-friendly, and complies with various regulations, such as RoHS and ELV, which can be used extensively without problems. Excellent corrosion resistance The steel sheet is covered with a uniform zinc-plated layer by controlling the

  2. IS 277 (2003): Galvanized Steel Sheets (Plain and …

    galvanized sheets and strips shall conform to IS 8910. 3 TERMINOLOGY 3.1 Forthepurposeofthisstandard,thedefinition given in IS 1956 (Part 4) and the following shall apply. 3.2 Black Sheet - Hot rolled steel sheet prior to pickling operation. The following standards contain provisions which through reference in this text, constitute provisions ...

  3. Galvanized Steel Spec Sheet 2015.March.30.pdf

    Material Specification Sheet Galvanized Steel Description Hot‐dipped galvanized commercial steel is carbon steel sheet coated with zinc on two sides by the continuous hot‐ dipped process. This process results in a layer of zinc on each side of the steel sheet that is tightly adhering to the

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